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"We had given up on home ownership due to bad credit situation. It was when we heard of TL Global. They helped us buy a home even when we had been turned down repeatedly by banks."

Aicha (Home Buyer)

We bought our first home with owner financing after moving to America just 11 months earlier. We are now enjoying the home with their 3 beautiful children. We are so grateful.  

Angel & Francis (Home Buyer)

After 3 years of being unable to qualify for a home loan, my realtor referred her to Til Lowery, who helped my to finally buy my "miracle home”. I am so thankful!

Angela (Home buyer)

"My husband and I were both divorced; therefore, our
credit wasn't the best. As newlyweds, we wanted our own
home. TL Global helped us. We are happy to say this: We’re are the proud owners of a home
we can call our own.

Cindy (Home Buyer)

"I worked hard all the time, but I had no credit. It was hard 
trying to get a house. TL Global made it easy. They do everything! They thought of everything. This is a nice organization; they’re friendly, warm, and genuine " 

Keith (Home Buyer)

"I had cosigned loans to help relatives buy a car, and they defaulted. I couldn't qualify, but TL Global helped me. I never even had to meet with the investor who owner financed the home to me. I was able to move in and start my home business immediately."

Mary (Home Buyer)

"’I didn’t want to live in an apartment forever, but being self-employed, my income was sometimes up, sometimes down, and sometimes, I even lost money! My credit was very good, but banks always wanted to see two years of tax returns and stable income. I couldn’t show that. TL Global helped my buy a home with owner financing. I was able to refinance with a bank after about a year. "

Carol (Home Buyer)

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